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Pass Your Drug Test Australia

Pass Your Drug Test Australia has been operating for 3 years.  We are based in Queensland, and provides various solutions on how to pass a drug  test.

We offer a quality range of  Permanent Detox Kits, Rapid Detox Kits, Toxin Detox Kits, Drug Testing Kits, Monkey Dong Prosthetic Urine Dispenser, Monkey Whizz Urine Dispencer, Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine and Medical Condition masking products. The products on these pages will help to protect your privacy.

These products are designed to help detoxify all Toxins from your system, including prescription medications.

All of the products offered on this site are 100% legal and as well as being sold in Australia, are also sold in many countries around the world. Our detox products are made from natural ingredients, herbal extracts and contain components that are found in your everyday diet.  There are NO chemical factors in ANY of these products.

We offer overnight delivery to postcodes offered by Australia Post Express-Post.  Our order cut off is 2pm each day (Queensland time) so if your order and payment is in prior to that it will be sent that day.  We never run out of stock and supply our full range of Serious Monkey Bizzness and Ultra Klean products at all times.

With over 15 years in the business, Serious Monkey Bizzness offer the highest quality urine dispensing products.  The Monkey Dong, The Monkey Whizz and The Monkey Flask are the best on the market and won’t break the budget.

Ultra Klean are leaders in the field and have been supplying our industry for over 20 years.  Quality products include Ultra Mask 1 hour formula (re-branded as B Clear for the Australian market), Power Flush herbal capsules, Power Flush Tea, Power Flush Permanent 7-day detox, Ultra Wash mouthwash, drug testing kits and more.

Our discretion and customer service is unsurpassed and quality products second to none.  We regularly update our blog with relevant up-to-date information, and are continually researching to better provide with you with all the information you need.

If you need to pass a drug test, look no further than this site.

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